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Never Wait To Have Your Roof Inspected And Repaired

As a homeowner in Ottawa you may be living in an independent house that has a traditional Asphalt roof. Over time roofing materials made from Asphalt and other substances usually deteriorate due to their exposure to natural elements.

Premature deterioration of a roof is typically caused by factors such as strong winds, heavy rains, extreme temperatures and snow.

Never wait to have your roof inspected  

To prevent a situation where your roof has deteriorated and begun to leak and there is a storm raging outside, it is a good idea to have your roof inspected by a professional roofer who can catch the problems before they become big. Failure to do such a timely inspection may result in your roof getting damaged beyond repair and becoming permanently irreparable.

In fact, roofing experts say that the secret of getting the most out of your Metal Roof Ottawa is to get it inspected regularly. By doing this you can increase the lifespan of your metal roof Ottawa by several years. In some cases, roof inspections are mandatory, for instance in cases such as roof construction, re-roofs, or where insurance is involved.

Repair the roof or replace it?

For whatever purpose it is carried out, a roof inspection is a thorough process from end-to-end. A professional roofer is engaged to check the condition of your roof and to see whether there are any missing shingles, or signs and indications of corrosion, stains, leaks, improper seals, and other forms of damage.

A professional roofer is experienced to handle all kinds of projects related to roofing. Such projects could be in residential and commercial roofing, and may involve roofing replacement, roof overlays, coatings and roof repair services.

If you have an Asphalt roof, the roofer might suggest you options to either maintain your Asphalt roof, or replace it with a metal roof Ottawa.

Roof repairs:

Roof repair services are generally less costly and less time consuming and are undertaken to address problems such as plugged drains, missing shingles, or flashings that are improper. If not undertaken timely, they may result in incidents of clogging leading to rotting, leaks and breakages.

Roof replacement:

In case the condition of your roof is bad and it is beyond repair, then the professional will recommend you to replace your roof and install a metal roof Ottawa. Although upfront costs for such a project may look high to you, there will be benefits realized in the years to come as costs will even out and you will save money on costly inspection and repairs.

Why hire a professional roofer?

The advantage of engaging a professional roofer is that firstly they have the required experience, knowledge and latest equipment to identify roofing problems and recommend you whether you need to replace the roof, or can extend its life by a few years by repairing it.  

Secondly, they use high quality materials, are transparent in their dealing and answer all your questions professionally. Based on their inspection of your roof, they will offer you those options that meet your needs and your budget, so that you are able to arrive at a considered decision.

Common problems discovered during inspection

During inspection of your roof, several scenarios may emerge and these are mentioned in the inspection report. Depending upon your budget, a professional roofer will suggest you alternatives:

Underlayment is insufficient

In building codes of certain cities, underlayment installation is required only upto the eaves of your roof and in the roof valleys. Therefore, in certain houses shingles have been applied straightaway onto the roof sheathing, or roof deck and this increases the chances of leaks during rains, or storms.

Ventilation is improper

As per experts proper ventilation is a must in your house in order to ensure that your roofing system operates trouble-free. For this you have to prevent moisture buildup or condensation in your attic as it may cause mould development and rotting wood. This means that venting from fans in the bathrooms, dryers, dishwashers and washers etc. should be on the outside of your house and not into the attic.

Penetrations into your roof

An inspection will reveal that most leaks occur around areas where objects are penetrating the roof such as chimneys, vent pipes, plumbing stacks, dormer walls, terminations, skylights, and wall flashings. Usually it is these areas that are vulnerable to leaks since they have either not been installed properly, or maintenance has been lacking, which has resulted in deterioration.

Shingles are blown off

Sometimes singles get blown off in severe storms and winds. A blown off shingle is a single major source of a leak. For this purpose it is advisable to get the blown off shingles replaced immediately. Another alternative is that you can get your roof replaced with a metal roof Ottawa which is more durable and better looking.

Repairs of your metal roof Ottawa

If you already have a metal roof Ottawa on your house, then it is advisable to get the panels rectified and roof re-screwed to prevent chances of the roof getting blown away during severe windstorms.

Ice Dams

An ice dam is formed when snow falls on your roof and gets frozen. Later it thaws but then gets refrozen. As a result of this cycle, ice begins to form at the base of your roof around the eaves and when this ice melts, it seeps underneath the shingles and ultimately leaks through your complete roof.

This formation and seepage of water can seriously damage your roof. In such a situation, you have to call a metal roof Ottawa expert who can remove the ice and facilitate ventilation.

Instances of poor workmanship

Many times there are instances of poor workmanship that are discovered during inspections. Usually it happens because contractors don’t do a job properly, or try to save money by cutting corners.

This means either they have used inferior material, or assigned a less skilled person on the job, or done the job quickly. In all such instances there are issues that arise after a few years requiring you to carry out repairs to correct the defects.


Roof inspections reveal the actual conditions of your roof and it is advisable never to delay an inspection as it may lead to costly repairs at a later date.

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