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When Is The Best Time To Get Your Metal Roof Inspected?

Winters in Ontario can be quite harsh especially if you are living in the northern part of the province. Southern Ontario, on the other hand has a temperate climate due to the influence of the Great lakes, but summers are relatively short. Rainfall is moderate and spread throughout the year.

Looking at this typical weather condition, folks in Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga and other cities of Ontario are more inclined towards a metal roof for their houses than traditional Asphalt roofing.

Secondly, folks typically prefer to have the inspection of their Metal Roof Ottawa house done in Fall, when the temperature is between 45 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so that even if any repair work is required to be carried our post-inspection, then it can be completed before the onset of Winter.

Why is metal roof Ottawa inspection required?

Regular inspection of metal roof Ottawa is important because it helps to detect problems in  time and prevents further damage to your house. This is an absolute must because the roof is the most important part of your house and provides you protection against elements such as rain, heat, snow, hail and strong winds.

If you don’t carry out routine metal roof Ottawa inspection and any damage occurs to the roof, that requires repairs or replacement, then it can be a costly affair. By doing regular inspections, you are able to identify potential damages well in advance and take remedial action.   

When is the best time to inspect your metal roof Ottawa?

The saying ‘out of sight – out of mind’ applies very well to a roof. As your roof is out of your sight, usually it also gets out of your mind. In other words, folks typically forget to check what is happening on their roofs, until it is too late.

To avoid such instances, it is recommended to carry out an annual inspection of your metal roof Ottawa, so that it remains protected. This will also extend its lifespan.

The question then arises – When is the best time?

Roof inspection after an intense storm

Experts say that the best time to do a roof inspection is right after an intense storm. In a storm the winds are gusty and occur at a very high speed and sometimes these intense storms cause trees and other natural debris to fall on your roof.

This can cause damage to your roof and can eventually lead to leaks.

During a metal roof Ottawa inspection, the inspector walks the entire roof to check for if there are any damages and if yes, then of what type? Typically he checks drainage issues, moisture problems, discoloration, leaks, patch breakdown, panel corrosion, flashing problems, loose fasteners, and deflected panels.

Without an inspection, the roof can get easily damaged due to moisture and mold, and wooden parts can start to rot.

During the fall

The fall is actually the best time to get your metal roof Ottawa inspected, because the weather is mild and moderate and there is no ice. Secondly, the temperature is not very low and does not have any negative impact on the installation of materials.

Larger projects can also be undertaken in fall. Such projects are usually completed and delivered before onset of winter. That is because in winter the weather gets very cold and such low temperature is not suitable to carry out inspection.

Also, regular snowfalls hamper inspection in winter as the snow piles up on the roofs and it is almost impossible to remove it.

Is spring a good time to do metal roof Ottawa inspection?

Some folks prefer to have their metal roof Ottawa inspection done in spring. Their preference stems from the fact that winter rain, wind, and ice not only damage your roof, but also make it difficult for you and the inspector to spot the damages caused to it.  

As spring comes after winter, the rough winter months are behind and by carrying out an inspection, you can identify the damages that have occurred in winter and can get them fixed before they get any worse.

A roofing expert is best suited for inspection of roofs

Newly installed roofs do not really require any inspection in the initial years. However, in case your metal roof is more than 10 years old, then it is recommended to hire a metal roof Ottawa expert. A roofing expert is an experienced professional who has the expertise to carry out a comprehensive inspection and can easily identify obvious signs of damage like missing shingles, signs of mould or rotting wood.

Portions of the structure that are inspected by a roofing expert

In a typical metal roof Ottawa inspection, the roof inspector analyzes the quality of the overall structure, its general workmanship, materials used, and condition of the interior portions such as the attic.

The complete inspection process is very professionally done. The roof inspector has a checklist of items that need to be inspected. He inspects these items and records his findings in a report. In case he finds damages caused by water, or issues with the chimney, instances of moss, rotten wood, improper venting, incorrect flashing, signs of pests, etc, then he will mention these in his report.

Damage to the roof can also occur, in case HVAC maintenance personnel have stepped on the wrong areas of the roof. These instances are also mentioned in the report and remedial action involves sealing of the mechanical panels.

Submission of report and recommendation of repairs

The roof inspector submits his report to you at the end of the inspection. The report includes details of the inspection carried out and the recommendations for repairs, if any. Roof inspectors usually respond within 48 hours and the recommendations they provide are completely free and with no obligations.


The best time for metal roof Ottawa inspection actually depends upon the condition of your roof, the time and money available with you and the weather conditions. This pertains to annual routine inspection.

You may also need to get your roof inspected, in case unexpected events occur that might cause damage to your roof, for example a heavy tree branch falling on your roof, or any accident beyond your control.

However looking at all the facts, fall appears to be the season that is most suitable to carry out metal roof Ottawa inspection.

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